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Let's just see what tomorrow brings.

For posterity, I kept a setlist in classic Hip style whilst watching the livestream of the Kingston show on

And for further posterity, here's my running commentary from a thread on a Due South forum during the show.

I'm watching the live broadcast on right now. They just started Hundredth Meridian!!!! \\\\\\0//////

I so hope they jam during the break....

I'm in a constant state of flail/sniffle/flail right now.

ETA: MacKenzie, you'll be amused to know that Gord just ranted for a couple of minutes about what's gone wrong in the far North.

EATA: The look on Paul Langlois's face has me wondering if they know something we don' does Gord S....

EFTA: Gord D. is %&()*ing AMAZING.


ETAF: "A singer needs to keep his or her voice only took me 28 years to figure that out." XD You're welcome, Gord-lord.

ETAA: OMG, he's playing with the mic stem. That's our Gordie. <3 NO THIS ONE THING DOES NOT HAVE TO GO AWAY!!!!

ETAOA: They all hugged and cheek-kissed at show's end. Oh. My. :'( There are no dry eyes in that concert hall....or in my loft where I'm watching.

ETAM: ENCORE!!!!! Starting with New Orleans is Sinking!!!!! THANK YOU.

ETAAOA: Aw, I was really hoping he'd say 'same Gord Downie thing' instead of 'same Elvis thing.'

ETAA: WOW. Justin Trudeau was at the show wearing a TTH T-shirt to boot....and Gord commended him for taking on the problems in the far North. Holy frick. :blink:

ETFA: Oh my lawd. Final song is 'Scared'. Final line is gonna be 'I gotta go, it's been a pleasure doing business with you.' D: :'(

ETAOM: Ooh! Wait, they're doing 'Grace, Too' now! OH YES.

ETASE: Oh my God. You should have seen him trying to keep it together during the rideout to Grace. :'(

ETA!!!!! "We're officially into uncharted waters....we never do third ones (encores) let's see what happens." \\\\\0/////

ETOFA: Well....guess that was it. :( 'Ahead By a Century' was the final number. "No dress rehearsal, this is our life," indeed. But the way they all lined up to wave goodbye to the crowd....I'll never forget it. :'(

Personally, I hold that God put Gordon Downie on this earth to make music that people wanted to hear, and to write lyrics that people needed to hear. He's accomplished that mission hundreds of times over. Now I think he's got a secondary mission - to make the world wake up and smell the coffee with regard to brain cancer (as well as the social strife hanging over the far North of Canada). There are people who are still hanging on years after being diagnosed with glioblastoma, and the band has even dropped several glaring hints that they're not done yet. Depending on how Gord holds up for the next little while, I'm holding out hope for a pleasant surprise in the form of a new album and/or a charity concert or two, aimed at raising money for brain cancer research.

Meanwhile, there's a website, Dear Gord, open for the submission of tributes, Hip stories, and especially thank-you notes. I've already thanked Gord for curing the rainiest day of my life (as described in my last posting here). Skip on over and leave your own thoughts - he thanked the crowd for "keeping him pushing" on Saturday night, but he deserves thanks from a lot of people for keeping them pushing, too.
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